Winterthur's Candied Sweets Tin - Winterthur Exclusive!

Winterthur's Candied Sweets Tin

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Winterthur Exclusive!
A delightful array of botanical sweets from the home Henry Francis du Pont entertained family and friends in grand style. The sweet selection includes luxurious items such as candied rose petals - similar to those grown in the rose garden, Almond dragees - natural confection popular among the social elite in the 1900's and Mrs Ruth du Pont's favorite - rock candy. Made in USA.

•Includes sampling of 7 candies popular during the 1700s-1930s - rock sugar, candied rose petals, horehound, almond dragees, ginger candy, peppermint puffs and Turkish delight.

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•Keepsake tin box measures 4.5" height x 5.75" width x 2" depth
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