Discover the Winterthur Garden - By Denise Magnani, photography by Ray Magnani

Discover the Winterthur Garden

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By Denise Magnani, photography by Ray Magnani
Henry Francis du Pont once wrote: "My work is in the garden."  He began gardening in earnest in 1902 and was fascinated by the power of color in the garden and in a naturalistic landscape design.  In Discover the Winterthur Garden, Denise Magnani tells the story of the creation and restoration of Winterthur's masterpiece of 20th-century naturalism.  With handsome photography by Ray Magnani, it is a book for anyone interested in gardens, museums, or nature photography.

• Paperback, 48 pages; color photographs

• 9 x 6.25 x .12
Available: 26-NOV-13
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