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Sleeping Fairy Solar Light

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A special area of your garden will look wonderfully bright with the vivid amber glow of this enchanting sculpture. The antique ivory colored Sleeping Fairy Solar Light soaks up the sun during the day, and radiates brilliantly when nighttime comes. In ancient European folk tales, fairies were powerful healers, often found in woods, meadows, and riverbanks. Winterthur's Enchanted Woods is inspired by these tales, and it remains to be a favorite hiding spot for these delightful little sprites . Imported.

• Makes a great gift for fairy collectors!
• Can be used outdoors or indoors near a natural light source. Designed for outdoor use, but do not leave outside during extreme weather.
• Requires one rechargeable Ni-Mh AA cell battery to operate, included.
• Made of polyresin. Comes in Antique White color with Clear bulb. Bulb glows Amber when charged.
• Solar panel is located on reverse side of statue with a waterproof rubber seal and "ON/OFF" button.
• Measures approximately 9" Width x 9" Height x 8" Depth
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