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Every day we surround ourselves and fill our homes with designs and objects of beauty that enhance our quality of life.  What we choose reflects who we are and what we care about.  It has always been so.  In the 18th-century, colonial Americans brought a new look to the decorative arts.  European styles were modified into something distinctively American as each new generation created objects to meet their own needs.  As designers of every generation have done, we adapt designs from the past to suit contemporary lifestyles.  This is the Winterthur Museum Store and WinterthurStore.com.

We take our inspiration from the beautiful Winterthur Museum located in the Brandywine Valley of Delaware. From 1839, four generations of the du Pont family called Winterthur home. Today, the home and gardens are open to the public, who can share the vision of Henry Francis du Pont. The extraordinary museum, garden, and library offer a variety of tours, exhibitions, and programs for all ages. Our goal is to offer beautiful accessories and gifts that remind us of the elegance of Henry du Pont's era, along with modern items that enhance the atmosphere and beauty of your home and garden.

The Winterthur Museum Stores and WinterthurStore.com are one of Winterthur's means of support for educational programs.  When you make a purchase for your own or someone else's pleasure, you are helping to support these programs. 

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WinterthurStore is solely owned and operated by Henry Francis du Pont Winterthur Museum, Inc.