Furniture and Clocks

Written by Wendy A. Cooper and Lisa Minardi
Original Price: $45.00
Price: $38.25
By Peter M. Kenny, Michael K. Brown, Frances F. Bretter and Mathew A. Thurlow
Price: $65.00
Written by Kemble Widmer and Joyce King

Contributions by Glenn Adamson, Daniel Finamore, Dean Lahikainen, and Elizabeth Garrett Widmer

Forewards by Dan L. Monroe and Lynda P. Hartigan
Price: $70.00
Written by Benjamin Colman, Foreword by David W. Dangremond, Introduction by Susan P. Schoelwer
Price: $24.95
Written by Donald L. Fennimore and Frank L. Hohmann III
Price: $75.00
By Charles F. Montgomery
Price: $75.00
Written by Nancy Goyne Evans
Original Price: $125.95
Price: $65.00
By Brock Jobe, Gary Sullivan and Jack O'Brien
Price: $75.00
Edited by Douglas Congdon-Martin
Price: $69.95