Touring the Estate

Touring The Estate

Though known for its decorative arts and cherished for its gardens, Winterthur still has so much more to offer guests of today. Stepping into the estate's past is easy as one walks through the Visitor Center with its unobstructed views of the rolling landscape, and beyond, past the Butler's House, which Colonel Henry Algernon du Pont purchased in 1900 for his butler's residence. The Greenhouses still standing contain the original section built by the Bidermanns in 1839, and the Coach House on the banks of Clenny Run once housed the du Pont's horses and carriages. Later, of course, this building housed Henry Francis du Pont's fleet of automobiles.

Twentieth-century architecture also speckles the rolling hills from the English Regency styled Cottage, standing on the site of the original farmhouse, to the Conservatory, built in 1930. These structures, as well as the Fire Station, the East Terrace, the Bath Houses, and so much more create the Winterthur that the du Ponts loved, their guests cherished, and that visitors delight in today.