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Hu-Kwa Tea


Enjoy the unique flavor and distinct aroma of high quality Hu-Kwa Tea. Hu-Kwa Tea is a smoky Chinese Lapsang Souchong tea that is imported from Formosa Island (Taiwan). This long-leaf black tea is smoked over island pine fires to instill it's special dark taste. It's name is derived from Cantonese merchant Houqua, who was famous for quality of trade between the Orient and America in the 19th Century.

Here at Winterthur, H.F. du Pont served this world-renowned blend to his guests during afternoon tea. Imported.

• Hu-Kwa Tea was the preferred house tea at Winterthur from 1912-1969!

• 25 individual tea bags.

• Preparation: Steep for 5-6 minutes. To fully experience the tea, it is recommended to be served without milk, sugar or other additives.

• Chinese Lapsang Souchong black tea blend has a full bodied but smooth, smoky flavor.

Brew the Perfect Cup of Tea

Fill a kettle with cold fresh (preferably filtered or spring) water. When the water is near the boiling point, pour a little into the teapot, rinse it around and then discard. This cleans and warms the teapot.

Measure your tea carefully in your teapot. Add one tea bag or one rounded teaspoon of loose tea for each cup. You can use a tea ball, or an infuser, but use the same amount of tea.

Bring the water in the kettle to a rolling boil but do not allow it to boil too long. Pour the water over your tea to release the flavor naturally. If you prefer your tea weaker or stronger, never vary the brewing time, simply increase or decrease the amount of tea to your liking.

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