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A Poesy Casket Toy Kit

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About a dozen poesy bunches made from wire and lace have been found in embroidered caskets from the 1600's. It is speculated that these small toys were gifts of affection or projects learned by students. Another possibility is that they were made for use in portraiture, as it was common to be painted holding a sprig of flowers.

This kit is an exclusive needlework project assembled by one of Winterthur's own conference workshop presenters from The Diligent Needle: Instrument of Profit, Pleasure, and Ornament. Create your own poesy casket toy with the guidance of this special kit. Assembled in the USA.

• Exclusive Needlework Kit from Crafter Tricia Nguyen!

• Dimensions: Kit measures 11.75"L x 9.25"W. Finished bunch measures about 4".

• Kit includes: needle, silks in 6 colors, 32-gauge wire, silk lacets in 6 colors, strawberry centers, flower centers, instructions, and color photos of the steps and finished project.

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