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Layard Glass Magnifier with Wood Handle


A handsome piece that's as useful as it is fascinating, this magnifying glass makes the perfect gift for budding scientists and veteran scholars alike! The dual tone, polished wood handle is sturdy and elegant. The lens is large enough to allow for comfortable viewing, while still small enough to fit into a pocket or handbag.

The first glass magnifying lenses were developed by the Ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians, who were the first to study the field of optics. A crystal lens, known as the Nimrud lens (ca. 750 - 710 BCE), was unearthed by archaeologist Austen Henry Layard at the ancient Assyrian temple of Nimrud in modern-day Iraq, and currently resides at the British Museum. Various forms of magnifying lenses are included in the Winterthur collection.

• Perfect for reading small text, or viewing tiny details on collectors' items.

• Glass magnifier in metal frame with polished wood handle.

• 7.25" long, 3" lens diameter.

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