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Scrimshaw Magnifying Glass


Scrimshaw is the art of carving or etching on ivory or bone. It is a technique that originated from the Inuit and other native groups in Northwest America. Whalers adopted this technique in the early 1800's. Two to five year voyages quickly became monotonous, and whale bone was abundant. They would carve whaling scenes, ships, women, and scenes taken from magazines. Their carved works could be used for bartering with shopkeepers when they made port.

The origin for the word "scrimshaw" is uncertain. One interesting origin is from a Dutch phrase meaning "to waste one's time". Winterthur has a similar example of a scrimshaw magnify glass; except the pattern is of leaves and is carved on green marble.

While traditional scrimshaw is carved or etched on ivory or bone, our magnify glass is made of resin. On each side of the handle is carved an exquisite whaling scene outlined and bordered by additional placid designs. The 3"diameter glass is rimmed by gold toned metal. Made in USA.

• Adds sophistication to any sitting room or desk.

• 2x's Magnification Power.

• 7.5"L x 3"D

• Made of resin, glass and metal.

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