Sku : 299553

Preening Peacock Puppet


This handsome peacock is proudly showing off his fan of beautiful tail feathers. Help him preen his feathers by placing your hand in his tail. Easy to use by simply placing an open hand in the "feathers" like a glove and wiggling the finger, puppet movement is endless. Puppet is a soft, plush body of cerulean blue with a deep jade green with blue and green "eyes" on the end of each feather. Imported.

Peacocks have long been symbols of immortality, renewal and protection.

• Stimulates creativity, imagination and wonder.

• Recommended for ages 3+.

• Care: Wash with lukewarm water, sponge with mild laundry detergent to wet and lather fur. Rinse surface with sponge. Dry by gently squeezing between towels or hanging from clothesline.

• Dimensions: 6" x 11" x 10"

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