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Philadelphia Piecrust Tea Table


Mixing traditional furniture with contemporary decor adds interest, contrast, and depth. This finely crafted reproduction* is based on piecrust tea table on display in the Winterthur collection. This table features the uniquely American birdcage mechanism which joins the piecrust top to the column and allows the table top to either rotate freely, or be tilted for easy and attractive storage against the wall. The legs represent the perfect S-curve of the times.

Between 1985 and 1989, two closely related objects sold at Christie's for prices in excess of $1,045,000 and again in 1995 for 1.6 million. This reproduction is faithful to the original and requires 23 hours of hand carving to achieve the high level of ornamentation on the piecrust edge, the decorative column and the fancy legs.

*Winterthur's exacting standards require that reproductions may not vary more than 1/8th" of the original.

• Made in the USA.

• Hand carved mahogany.

• Various finishes available upon request.

• Dimensions: 28.25" x 34.75"Dia.

• Due to the handcrafted nature, please allow up to 16 weeks for delivery.

A floor model is available. For significant savings, please call 1-800-448-3883 ex. 4792 or email
Please allow 16 weeks for delivery.

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