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Lily of the Valley Sterling Silver Earrings


These beautiful earrings were designed from fresh Lily of the Valley blossoms. Dangling from the pendant is an A grade white bleached freshwater pearl. Made in USA

Lilies of the Valley have long been associated with weddings by also symbolize sweetness, a sign of good luck and a return of happiness. They were one of H. F. du Pont's favorite flowers. Bouquets of the May bloom were sent to friends and relatives as an expression of love and affection.

Crafted exclusively for Winterthur. After pressing fresh Lily of the Valley blooms, Viela Jewelry uses special techniques to create Winterthur's exclusive sterling silver jewelry.

•Designed to be the perfect gift for young and old alike.

• Cast in New Mexico and assembled in Pennsylvania using the world's finest ingredients.

• Dimensions: 7/16" x 1" including wire.

• Care: Use only a polishing cloth. Store in a box, plastic bag, or box when not wearing.
Local artist, Angela Colasanti has been designing artisan jewelry for over ten years. Her jewelry designs are featured nationally in museum stores, cultural institutions, galleries, boutiques and fine art shows.

Angela begins by sampling textures directly from nature, capturing the detail, beauty and complexity of our surroundings. Wildflowers, grasses, buds, leaves, shells and sea life are part of her palette. Through a multi-step process, she transposes these natural textures into interpretive sterling silver and bronze jewelry, with some accented in gold, pearls, precious and semi-precious gemstones.

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