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Caticons: 4000 Years of Art Imitating Cats

Written by Sandy Lemer

What is a Caticon? What if you had an (almost) unlimited budget and an unfettered desire to surround yourself with furniture, clothing, art, household objects, books, and pretty much everything else in various semblances of cattitude? You would have Caticons.

A caticon is a tangible representation of the feline form of a purely decorative order, i.e., an object with no functional purpose; an objet d’art created in the image of a feline.

Welcome to Sandy Lerner's thirty year odyssey probing the corners of the art world, catalogs, foreign shores, and cyberspace, all in search of the one Cat thing she did not yet have. This book chronicles that journey, a catwalk of 4,000 years of Art Imitating Cats and the ways in which humans have expressed their love of and appreciation for all things feline.

• Hardback; 308 pages with color illustrations on every page.

• Dimensions: 10" x 11 1/8" x 1".

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