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Winterthur Tea Collection


This collection of Winterthur teas is perfect for entertaining, sharing with friends or giving as hostess gifts. The collection offers you three distinct flavors: Winterthur Afternoon Tea, Hu-Kwa Tea and Silver Needle Tea.

The Winterthur Afternoon tea is an exclusive blend of Darjeeling and rose tea. It features a reusable teabag enclosed with loose tea and makes 50-60 cups per package.

Hu-Kwa is a smoky Chinese Lapsang Souchong tea that is imported from Formosa Island (Taiwan). Hu-Kwas was the preferred house tea at Winterthur from 1912-1969. It features a full bodied but smooth, smoky flavor and comes in 25 individual tea bags.

Silver Needle Tea is a delicate and slightly sweet flavored tea that is hand-packaged loose tea in a 1.25 oz container.

H. F. du Pont served his guests tea every afternoon. Guests sipped from delicate cups while choosing from an array of cookies, cakes, scones and sandwiches.

• By purchasing as a collection, you save $5.

• Collection includes 3 different teas.
Set of 3: Winterthur Afternoon Tea, Hu-Kwa Tea and Silver Needle Tea
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