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"A View of New York" Needlework Mug

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The beautiful mug depicts "A View of New York", an embroidered landscape worked by Mary Bowen in 1807. Bowen studied under the tutelage of Eliza H. Lockwood at the Haerlem Boarding School in Harlem, New York.

• The perfect gift for embroidery enthusiasts.

• Made in the USA.

• Holds 11 oz.

This mug accompanies the upcoming exhibit, "Embroidery: The Thread of History" at Winterthur opening October 5, 2018.

History can be defined as a series of events that are remembered and preserved through time. This exhibit explores the use of embroidery as historical documents that can deepen our understanding of women’s lives. It considers how needlework has been used to remember the past, document the present, and look forward to the future.

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Mary Bowen worked this picture in 1807 while attending Haerlem Boarding School. The design is taken from an 1801 print depicting lower Manhattan as seen from Brooklyn, new where the Brooklyn Bridge stands today. In the early 1800's, both Brooklyn and Harlem were rural villages, considered healthy places to escape from New York City.

The shoreline in Brooklyn was politically controversial in 1801. At that time, produce and commodities from Long Island passed through the town on their way to New York City, as did the products of Brooklyn's early industries. Entrepreneurs were frustrated that the right to operate ferry services to Manhattan was limited by law to the "Mayor, Aldermen and Commonality" of New York. John Wood, who created the original aquatint, probably intended the print to be political, but Mary, whose family were merchants and ship chandlers, probably chose the design because of the ships in the harbor.

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