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Aesthetic Movement Tea Cozy Kit


The Aesthetic Movement in the United Kingdom inspired this stylized poppy design during the later years of the 19th century. This movement, later called “Arts and Crafts” in the United States and “Art Nouveau” in France, grew out of the revulsio nfor mass-produced goods for the home during the rise of the Industrial Revolution. It also encouraged an interest in historical embroidery, seen as a means of improving the standard of contemporary design.

The Aesthetic Movement for embroidery celebrated handwoven ground fabrics, sinuous design lines, and straightforward execution of needlework stitches. This particular design was influenced by in-depth studies of such authentic pieces. Embroiderers from this period often used appliqué for larger design shapes, embellishing the edges simply, as we have done. The ground fabric is an exquisite linen. The fiber we have selected for the appliqué is a high quality non-felted wool that has a smooth, flat finish that provides a showcase for the variety of silk embroidery threads involved. Quality design, quality materials, and embroidery stitches are basic.

All of this is acknowledged in the development of this kitted design, from the selection of the beautiful materials and design to the final concept of making something that is useful.

• Made in the USA.

• Skill level: Beginner.

This kit accompanies "Embroidery: The Thread of History" A Winterthur Conference, October 19–20, 2018.

Whether made for pleasure and enjoyment or learned as a skill to earn a living, embroidery has served as a type of historical record with the delicately stitched “documents” chronicling the past and present for the future. Join Winterthur staff, visiting scholars, designers, and fellow “textilians” for lectures and hands-on workshops as we consider needlework as historian.

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