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Into Enchanted Woods

Written by Jen Bryant, Illustrated by James Browne

Join Tara, her younger brother Thomas, and their new elf-friend Root on a fanciful journey through Enchanted Woods at Winterthur. On a warm summer day, the young pair venture into the woods in search of wild blackberries. Although they lose their way, they soon find a magical realm of fairies, trolls and wondrous surprises. With Root as their guide, the two children explore a mysterious forest cottage, climb into a huge bird's nest, and crawl into a massive hollow tree that has been transformed into a house. Follow along as they discover the wonders of the Enchanted Woods and the fairy folk who dwell there.

   Jen Bryant's lyrical tale and James Browne's captivating illustrations are sure to inspire readers of all ages. This extraordinary picture book is based on the very real fairy-tale garden for children at Winterthur. 

•  A magical story with beautiful illustrations

•  Hardcover: 36 pages with 24 watercolor illustrations.

•  Dimensions: 10" x 7.25" x .37"

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