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American Windsor Chairs

By Nancy Goyne Evans
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American Windsor chairs are among the most widely collected decorative arts objects.  Introduced from England, Windsors in America were characterized by much greater innovation, reaching their high point during the 1790s when sales surpassed those of all other chairs combined.  Evans has written the definitive book on American Windsor chairs, following the industry from handcraft to mass production.  She analyzes design, decoration, and production by region.  All major patterns are discussed and illustrated, including hundreds of previously unpublished examples from private and public collections.  Maps, a glossary, index, bibliography, and checklist of 2,400 chairmakers make this thestandard reference. 

• "This long-awaited bible is the answer to many a furniture connoisseurs prayers". Country Living

• Hardcover, 744 pages, 25 color plates, 969 black and white illustrations, glossary, bibliography, index.

• 12.25 x 9.25 x 2.25

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