Sku : 411467d

Decorative Metal Pierrot Sky Hook with Antiqued Paint Finishes


Sky hooks date back to ancient China and India where they were customarily carved from soft woods. Their clever movement and effortless whimsy made them popular for centuries. This version of the sky hook prefers to clown around a bit.

Cut and crafted from sturdy metal with an antiqued paint finish, it stars Pierrot, the familiar sad-faced clown of pantomime who originated from a late 17th century Italian performance troupe. Hinged construction and a carefully engineered hook allow Pierrot to rock back and forth with the gentle push of a finger.

The Winterthur Collection includes antique sheet metal toys with moving parts.

• Antiqued paint finish.

• Hinged details and balancing mechanism for movement.

• 26.5"H x 8.25"W x 4.5"D