Sku : 426370

Raccoon and Spotted Owl Finger Puppet Set


Mischievous raccoon and clever owl are perfect friends for children to play with for hours. Set includes one raccoon and one owl, with realistic markings formed from soft, fuzzy plush that is perfect for snuggling. Raccoons and owls are harder to see at Winterthur since they only come out at night. But if you pay attention, you may catch a glimpse of bright raccoon eyes hiding in the bushes, or hear the soft, mysterious hooting of owls calling to each other from the trees. Imported.

•Help stimulate imagination and story telling.

• Small size perfect for little hands.

•Surface washable with cold water, air dry.

•Raccoon is 4" height x 4" width with 3" tail, Owl is 4.5" height x 3" width.

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