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Narcissus Paperwhite Bulbs, 12 Count


Paperwhite bulbs are perfect for winter forcing and will produce small, fragrant white blooms. Bulbs will arrive pre-cooled and ready for forcing in soil, stone or water. Use inside only. After the bloom is finished, bulbs should be discarded as they will not rebloom.

H. F. du Pont was a both master decorator and master gardener. He transformed Winterthur into a lavish Yuletide wonderland each year. His love of flowers is felt throughout the house and the garden year round. Paperwhites combine two of H. F.'s passions beautifully. They can be seen on display during the Yuletide tour.

• Bulbs are from Holland.

• Package has 12 bulbs.

How to force in water:
Fill jar with water to neck. Place bulb in jar so that only the crown or bottom of the bulb is in the water. Maintain the water at this level and keep jar in a sunny location. Blooms will appear in 4-6 weeks.

How to force in stone or soil:
Choose a container without a drainage hole. It should be about 4 inches deep to give room for roots to develop. Fill bowl with gravel, pebbles or marbles to ½” from the top. Nestle bulbs halfway down in the gravel. Add water so that only the crown or the bottom of the bulbs are in the water. Keep water at this level. Place in a sunny spot. Blooms will appear in about 4 weeks.

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