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Henry Row Pocketbook Kit

Winterthur Licensed Product!

Pocketbooks for men and women were personal fashion accessories popular during the 18th Century. The two basic styles were a single pocketbook or double pocketbook. They were made of different materials including those worked in leather and others made using various needlework techniques such as Crewel, Irish Stitch, Cross Stitch and Queen Stitch.

The "Henry Row" 1794 pocket is a double pocketbook having an outer flap. The original piece was worked in Queen Stitch in silk and measures 5"x 7 1/8" in a bold trellis pattern of rose and pink strawberries set into the center of salmon-colored diamonds on a dark green background. The design of this pocketbook is very sophisticated in the approach used in the placement of the Queen Stitches. The design is inverted in order for the strawberries to appear in the same direction when closed. Made in USA.

• Kit is worked on a 22 count canvas 5" x 7" with D.M. C., directions, graphs, linen lining, buckram and silk binding are included.

• Embroidery techniques: Queen with accents of Cross Stitch and a Tent Stitch.

• Gift boxed.

• Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping.
Due to hand nature of kit assembly, allow 4-6 weeks for shipping

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