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Imperial Threads: Motifs and Artisans from Turkey, Iran and India

Written by Mounia Chekhab-Abudaya, William Greenwood, Leslee Michelsen and Julia Tugwell

Imperial Threads brings a new perspective to Islamic art by exploring the connection between four major dynasties--the Ottoman (1299-1923), Timurid (1370-1507), Safavid (1501-1736) and Mughal (1526-1857) empires--that mark the start of the early modern period.(Due to the development of firearms during that period, these dynasties are commonly referred to as the "Gunpowder Empires.")

Focusing on carpets as the primary medium, the volume also features manuscripts, metalwork, ceramics and more. Across a wide range of mediums, we find a selection of recurring motifs, some of which have maintained their original form or evolved stylistically to conform with cultural and artistic trends. These objects are contextualized within the politics and artistic production of their time.

• Hardback; 200 pages.

• Dimensions: 9.5" x 1" x 12.2".

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