Sku : 38344

Stainless Steel Floral or Thread Snips


"The snips are ergonomically correct and easy to use.” ~ Heidi, Winterthur's Flower Arranger.

This handy little snip is perfect for trimming bonsai, houseplants, herbs and dead-heading. It features a quick spring, sharp surgical stainless steel blades and an ergonomic design for both right and left hand use. Locks closed for storage. Easy to clean.

H. F. du Pont was so passionate about flowers that he had up to 20 bouquets in a single room. It has been said of him, that he was "never without flowers." Per Mr. du Pont's instructions, there are still fresh bouquets on display throughout the Winterthur rooms to this day.

• Perfect tool for precise cutting in home, office, and sewing applications.

• Care: Wipe clean after use. Coat blades and pivot points lightly with machine oil.

• Dimensions: approximately 5".
“I use these for floral design. The snips are ergonomically correct and easy to use.” Heidi Militana, Winterthur's Head Flower Arranger

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