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Byers' Choice Merchant's Wife

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Created especially for Winterthur's Byers' Choice collection, our elegant Merchant's Wife is clothed in a red velvet dress, with black ribbon and lace accents, and a fur trimmed hat. She looks lovely standing with her merchant wares of a small brown trunk with gold trim and a lovely criss-cross pattern brown tea kettle. One of her arms holds a chic black handbag on a gold chain. Her detailed cameo brooch completes her look.

Years ago, it was the duty of the merchant's wife to manage the business accounts while her husband was away. In addition, she was expected to organize the family social activities. Social events were opportunities to demonstrate proper manners when using objects such as teacups and accessories. These gatherings reinforced the merchant's inclusion in a higher class and benefited the family's economic standing.

• Handmade in the USA.

• Due to the handcrafted nature of this figure, each will have slight artistic variations.

• Dimensions: 14"H.

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