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Evaluating Your Collection: The 14 Points of Connoisseurship

Compiled by Dwight P. Lanmon

What do Honus Wagner baseball cards, Queen Anne side chairs, and 19th-century ceramic lions all have in common? At first glance, very little. Yet this book explores the wide range of such things people collect and teaches the basic skills needed to operate in the world of antiques and collectibles.  Using the unparalleled resources of the Winterthur collection and staff, this book presents a unique forum of how-to advice for the novices and experts alike. Armed with invaluable tips, your trips to estate auctions, flea markets, or your grandmother's attic will never be the same. 

•  An invaluable guide for both the novice and the experienced collector. Anyone seriously interested in buying antiques should not be without it. -Chris Jussel, former host of Antiques Road Show

•  Paperback, 123 pages; 55 color illustrations, glossary, bibliography.

•  Dimensions: 9.5" x 6.62" x .37"

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