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Precious Pollinators Flower Mix Seeds, Set of 2


Did you know pollinators help us by pollinating a third or more of the food we eat? Precious Pollinators mix provides food and nectar to a wide range of pollinators, including insects, butterflies, and moths. Colorful mix with varying heights and bloom times of annual and perennial flowers and herbs, many of which are native to North America.

Protect our precious pollinators by providing food and nectar with this vibrant mix of yellow, reds and blues, sure to entice all of your pollinator friends. Annual and perennial flowers and herbs, many that are native to North America.

Winterthur Museum's 600+ acre garden is home to millions of pollinators such as bees, butterflies, beetles and more that live among the acres of blooming flowers.

• Set of two packets.

• Mix is 100% seed. No fillers.

• Blooms spring to frost.

• Weight: 10 grams.

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