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Winterthur Lavender Chocolate Bars, Set of 3

Lavender Grown and Harvested at Winterthur

This delicious artisan chocolate bar balances taste and nutrition using a minimal processing of only 3 organic direct/fair trade ingredients. Unlike processed chocolate, these bars are healthy. The lavender is grown here at Winterthur. The cacao level 75% and each 1 ounce bar is the daily recommended amount of chocolate.

This chocolate is made bean-to-bar meaning the chocolatier sorts, roasts, grinds and smooths the chocolate all from scratch. The final product is a smooth, dark chocolate that is healthy and has lavender, toffee and cream flavor notes.

H. F. du Pont loved to entertain. He cared about meal planning, preparation and serving at Winterthur as much as running the farm and managing his collection. Guests were served delightful lunches and lavish dinners with stunning floral arrangements. A majority of the ingredients and flowers were grown on the Winterthur Estate.

• Made in the USA from ethically sourced imported ingredients and lavender grown and harvested at Winterthur.

• 75% cacao.

• Ingredients: Cacao beans, unrefined cane sugar and lavendula angustifolia (lavender).

• Set of 3 (1 oz.) bars.

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