Sku : 46588

The French Thrush Kit


Bows of ribbon, garlands of flowers, and small insects and animals are part of iconic 19th-century French embroidery design. This small 2.5” x 4” thrush is an adaptation of an original embroidery in a private collection. Stitched in Au ver a Soie and Gloriana silk threads on a silk file ground fabric, stitches used are split, satin, coral knot, seed, stem, couching, and running.

• Made in the USA.

• Skill level: Intermediate.

This kit accompanies "Embroidery: The Thread of History" A Winterthur Conference, October 19–20, 2018.

Whether made for pleasure and enjoyment or learned as a skill to earn a living, embroidery has served as a type of historical record with the delicately stitched “documents” chronicling the past and present for the future. Join Winterthur staff, visiting scholars, designers, and fellow “textilians” for lectures and hands-on workshops as we consider needlework as historian.

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