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Winterthur Johnny Cake Corn Meal


This delicious all-natural corn meal is ground in a 1886 grist mill by a Rhode Island company that has been making quality foods since 1696.

H. F. du Pont used recipes collected by his mother, Pauline to plan meals. Her Indian Pudding was a beloved recipe found in her late 1800's cookbook.

• Made in the USA.

• Ingredients: Stone ground white corn meal. May contain wheat and milk products.

• Can be used to make Johnny cakes or any recipe that calls for corn meal.

• No additives or preservatives. Store in a cool location.

• Weight: 24 oz. or 1.5 lbs.
Rhode Island Johnny Cakes

• 1 cup Winterthur Johnny Cake meal
• 1 T sugar
• 1/2t salt
• 1 to 2 cups boiling water

Combine Johnny Cake Meal, salt, and sugar. Gradually add 1 to 2 cups of boiling water. Mix by hand to desired consistency. It should create a loose plop of batter off the spoon. Spoon on to well-greased hot griddle. Cook approximately 6 minutes on each side. Do not turn cake until brown around the edges and firm. Lightly drizzle with oil before turning.

Maple Butter

• Softened whipped butter, to taste.
• Winterthur’s Organic Maple Syrup

In a bowl, place several large spoonfuls of whipped butter. Add some Maple Syrup and mix well by slicing the butter with the side of a spoon until mixed. Continue stirring until smooth and sauce like. Spread small amounts on top of each Johnny Cake.

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