Sku : 49863

London Map Scarf


This intriguing scarf depicts a map of 1930's London. Made from viscose and modal, it is soft and comfortable making it the perfect accessory.

• Designed in England. Handmade in India.

• Materials: 50% viscose, 50% modal.

• Care: Hand wash. Air dry.

• Dimensions: 40" x 78".

This scarf accompanies the upcoming exhibition "Costuming THE CROWN" at Winterthur, March 30, 2019 - January 5, 2020.

From the dazzling gold of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation robe to the simple sophistication of Princess Margaret’s wedding dress, from the majesty of royal crowns and tiaras to the comfort of clothes worn in private family moments, Costuming THE CROWN will feature 40 iconic costumes from the beloved Emmy® award-winning Netflix series, a dramatized history of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

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