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Not in Front of the Corgis: Secrets of Life Behind the Royal Curtains

Written by Brian Hoey

The Windsors are England’s most famous family, but what are they really like when they’re out of the public gaze? Behind closed doors in every Royal residence, from Buckingham Palace to Clarence House, there are two families – one upstairs and one down – and nobody knows a Royal quite like a Royal servant, intimately acquainted as they are with every quirk, foible and eccentricity. And there are a fair few!

This is the inside story of the Royal Family through the eyes of those who know them best, a sneak peek behind the ermine-trimmed curtains to reveal what they really get up to in their spare time. Are they just like us? Or are they are a world apart? Here are the answers to everything we’ve ever wondered about the Royals: which programs does the Queen watch on TV? What music did the Queen Mother listen to? Who can drive and who can’t? What is it like to attend a dinner party thrown by Charles and Camilla? Who are the most popular (and most unpopular!) Royals to work for and why?

Not in Front of the Corgis is the real Upstairs Downstairs – a unique and fascinating collection of all the secrets you ever wanted to know about the Royal Family.

• Paperback: 214 pages.

• Dimensions: .6 x 7.7" x 5".
Brian Hoey has been a writer and broadcaster for over 40 years, covering countless royal events, including the wedding of Charles and Diana in 1981 and Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997. He has written over 25 books, many of them about the British royal family given his extensive access. They have all been serialized in leading international newspapers.

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