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All the Presidents' Gardens

By Marta McDowell

"A detailed history of the White House garden as a reflection of America's gardening taste. Also a fascinating look at the situations unique to America's "First Garden."" Barb, Winterthur's Book Buyer.

The White House Grounds have been an unwitting witness to history - a backdrop for soldiers, suffragettes, protesters, and activists. Kings and queens have dined there, bills and treaties have been signed, and presidents have landed and retreated. All the Presidents' Gardens tells the untold history of the White House Grounds, starting with the seed-collecting, plant-obsessed George Washington and ending with Michelle Obama's kitchen garden. Filled with fascinating details about Lincoln's goats, Ike's putting green, Jackie's iconic roses, Amy Carter's tree house, and information on the plants whose favor has come and gone over the years and the gardeners who have been responsible for it all, this is a must-read for anyone interested in the red, white, and green.

• A must read for garden enthusiast and history lovers alike!

• Hardcover; 336 pages, with color and black & white archival photos throughout.

• Dimensions: 6.5" x 9".
October 24th, 2020 at Winterthur.

Recognized by the Garden Club of America for outstanding literary achievement, Marta McDowell follows the relationship between the pen and the trowel, that is authors and their gardens, including Emily Dickinson and Laura Ingalls Wilder among others. She is the author of New York Times best-seller All the Presidents Gardens, for which she was also awarded an American Horticultural Society book award.

A teacher of landscape history and horticulture at New York Botanical Garden, as well as an author, Marta will focus on designing women. Stretching across the turn of the twentieth century, designers such as Marion Coffin, Martha Brookes Hutcheson, and Ellen Shipman transformed the wealth of the Industrial Revolution into beautiful landscapes for estates across the country. This lecture highlights design principles that these women employed, principles that fit gardens of any size.

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